Castle Full On each planet you will find a different facet of failure drawn from our research. Click on the residents of these planets to hear about their experiences.

In a group, or alone, give yourself 15 minutes to explore these stories. Visit the website on your phone and plug in your headphones. Step away from the computer, move around and have a listen. Do any of these extracts remind you of your own experiences? In what way?

If you are working in a group, share your thoughts. Which stories stood out? You may have heard different stories from one another, compare your thoughts and discuss how they relate to your work.

If you have time you should then move on to the Wheel of Failure and consider how you could apply the five facets of failure to a project or policy you are currently working on.

These audio extracts are taken from interviews conducted as part of this research. They have been voiced by actors to protect participant’s anonymity.

Sound design by Lee Affen. Directed by Malaika Cunningham