Slide This is the Wheel of Failure. In our research we acknowledge that projects and policies are rarely an outright success or failure. Rather, they exist on a spectrum that includes distinct degrees of both. Furthermore, different stakeholders, with differing value systems, will define ‘success’ and ‘failure’ in different ways. In order to ensure cultural organisations are learning it is therefore necessary to ask: success and failure for whom? In what ways? To what effect? That is what the Wheel of Failure is intended to help you explore.

The five facets of failure make up the spokes of this wheel. Explore each in turn in relation to a specific project or policy you are, or have been, involved in. This can be used at the start of the project to help you plan, during delivery, or at the end to help to evaluate. Taking each facet in turn discuss where you think your work sits on the scale between outright success and outright failure. If you are in a larger group made up of different stakeholders break into smaller groups, arranged by stakeholder, to have your initial discussions. Then share your completed wheels with each other, discussing any differences in regard to where you have placed each facet on the success/failure spectrum.